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What we believe

Jesus is real!

One of the things that can put people off coming to church is the feeling everyone else all believe the same thing, and you are the odd one out! In our parish we are well aware of the breadth of faith among us, from those with a deep, profound, and thought-through faith to those at the beginning of their journey of discovery, to those who have been around for years and still have many questions... a summary, we believe that Jesus is real, that he is who he says he was and that the accounts of his life written in the Bible are true. We believe that Jesus death and resurrection broke the power of sin and death that separated us from our creator God, and now allow us to be freed and forgiven and in relationship with God. That might sound a bit weird! Don't worry, even believing in gravity sounds weird so we are not the only ones...!

If you want to explore some more online, here are some links:

We are a part of the Church of England, and you can read here the basics of what we believe about God, and how he reveals himself to us. A good place to explore the Christian faith online is at ReJesus or Christianity

However, the best way to explore faith is to come along to one of church communities and join in with us. As you explore your own beliefs, you will find that although some people would like everyone to believe the same thing, every church has as many different ideas as there are people, and that unity does not mean uniformity; it means being in relationship even as we belief slightly different things.

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